Documentary Media

Who Is This Guy?

Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Media & Journalism, Missouri State University. Co-founder of Carbon Trace Productions 501(c)(3) documentary film studio. I continue to work on nonfiction projects of all kinds. I'm available for hire as a director, cinematographer, editor, and news  photographer. Based in Aveiro, Portugal.


I became a documentary filmmaker as my career at Missouri State University evolved -- providing students the opportunity to make important films. I co-founded Carbon Trace Productions -- a non-profit documentary studio -- in 2017.


I was hired to teach print and internet journalism at Missouri State University in 2004. I taught courses such as media ethics, news writing & reporting,  photojournalism, and multimedia journalism.


The Rhetorica brand began as a web project to explain the rhetoric of press-politics during the 2000 Presidential campaign in the U.S. It became a press-politics blog in 2002. The entire history is available at