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Fun with AI: The Rhetoric of Camera Angles

Prompt given to ChatGPT: Explain the rhetoric of camera angles in documentary filmmaking. I added boldface to the text below. Explanation following the text. Result: In documentary filmmaking, camera angles are an essential rhetorical tool that helps filmmakers convey their … Continue reading

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Fun With Branding

Having a little fun with branding using Adobe Express.

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YouTube and Slow Growth

Not mutually exclusive: 1) I do not know how to use YouTube well, and 2) I do not produce the kind of content that “does well” on YouTube. Those could also be the same thing. I’m not complaining. While it … Continue reading

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Rhetorica Update

I’m in the process of moving to Portugal. That combined with teaching my last semester at Missouri State University has led to a hectic time in my life. So not much posting here of late. Once I get settled, I’ll … Continue reading

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