Eyewitness is Ready(ish)!

When I first announced I was creating a new portfolio site, I mentioned that I was taking my time finishing it. Well, I was right 🙂 It took a bit more time, mostly because I was not happy with some of the themes I trying. I finally landed on the WordPress 2017 theme because, well, its features suited my needs while being fairly customizable.

So now I have a publishing venue beyond just YouTube and Instagram. Facebook? Nope. Not after the Lily Collins hack took down my original wall — a profile I had since the earliest days of Facebook. Back then you had to have an .edu address to join.

Yes, my hide is still pretty chapped about it.

The whole blogging thing is just so different from the early days. There was a time when Rhetorica was a BFD in the blogosphere. It remains one of the oldest, continuously-published blogs on the interwebs. No that anyone is reading now 😉

So a portfolio site is — maybe — a better choice than Rhetorica to publish work outside the usual social media venues.

The “ish” in the headline indicates that it is a draft. For how long? Who knows. Perhaps all websites are always drafts 🙂

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