Time Marches On

June is going to be a busy month. Summer is going to be a busy season. All in a good way 🙂

I continue working on the new Eyewitness website. See my previous post for details. Following the disastrous hack of my former Facebook account, I decided I no longer wanted to count on Facebook for anything professional. The new site will operate as a portfolio of my documentary work. Rhetorica will continue as a documentary blog and a way to update my fan base about news of me and Carbon Trace Productions.

I have an interesting project ahead of me involving Portuguese fado — a soulful form of urban folk music. I’ll be participating in a week-long fado tour to Lisbon and Porto.

Around the summer solstice, I’ll be attending the Fest – New Directors, New Films Festival in Espinho — about 30 minutes from Aveiro by train.

I’ve cooked up an idea with Carl Munson of the Good Morning Portugal! show/podcast. More on that soon.

In early August, I’ll be traveling to Scotland for a short pleasure trip that will turn into some sort of non-fiction something for Eyewitness.

The Trinity edit is moving forward … slowly. But I think I may actually make my second imposed deadline of “spring.” That means I’ll have accomplished it if I’m able to export a final version by the vernal equinox 🙂

So, yeah, the teaser still says coming fall 2022. That was a bit of optimism that failed to take into account the fact I was teaching my last semester at Missouri State University while getting ready to move to Portugal in January 2023 🙂 What was I thinking?

And, finally, before the summer ends, I’ll be updating my reel.

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