Rhetorica Update: Branding, Filmmaking, and Social Media

I think I mentioned earlier that I’ve been working on branding. I’m too lazy right now to go back and look 🙂 In any case, I’m likely to publish a lot of these things in the coming weeks because I’m trying to gain a little traction in Portugal. I’m producing these primarily for Instagram.

The news I posted earlier about my Facebook account is just getting grimmer. I tried creating two new accounts with different, yet accurate, information. One was banned instantly.

The other lasted about two hours before it was banned.

I’m going to give it some time and then try once more — this time with my Portuguese gmail account and phone number. I’ll sign up using a VPN connection to Lisbon (just in case they have my current IP flagged). For the gory details, click here.

Part of the result of this sad situation is scrubbing all mention of Facebook out of my branding. This graphic once included that contact along with YouTube and Instagram.

I’m not looking for a new job. I’m actually not sure if, or how much, I’m allowed to work on my visa. But I certainly don’t want to miss any opportunities such as adjunct teaching or filling a crew slot on a nonfiction production. I don’t need the work or the money. I’d just like to keep doing this stuff — in a way that doesn’t feel like going back to work ;-).

I’ll certainly be working on my own projects.

On a hilarious note, re: my own projects, I asked ChatGPT for few documentary ideas in Portugal. Most of them were just dumb. A couple weren’t too bad. I’ll be sharing those here soon.

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