Theme Construction Ahead

UPDATE: I’ve settled on a theme for now. So I’m unsticking this post and moving on 🙂

I began Rhetorica in 2002 (following its first iteration as Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2000) using the Greymatter blogging script. I moved from that to MovableType a couple of years later. Their business model changed in a way that didn’t make me happy, so I jumped to WordPress where I have been for more than 15 years. I had the theme written for me to keep the style I began with MovableType.

If you’re curious about what all that looked like, click the link in the sidebar.

The Rhetorica theme just can’t keep up anymore. It’s time to change — and for good this time (in case you’re remembering a few earlier attempts to change the theme).

All that is to say things could look a little weird around here for a couple of weeks.

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