The Whole Social Media Thing

With the situation at Twitter (what, exactly, is the situation?), it seems a timely move to reassess my “social media strategy.” The quote marks indicate a certain irony 🙂

Twitter wasn’t doing it for me. Or, rather, I was bad at Twitter. So I have decided to make it a consumption platform only. I’m drastically cutting back who I follow to just my most trusted sources for news and information about documentary films. If you follow me there, you may unfollow at any time. I tweeted my last tweet there this morning.

As noted on Facebook last week, I’ll use my wall for personal stuff only — communicating with friends and family. I am trying to build a page there that’s primarily focused on my documentary work, which will continue after I retire in about four weeks.

Instagram is, and will increasingly be, all about my move to Portugal and promoting my documentary and nonfiction video work.

YouTube is go-to right now. Please “like” and “subscribe.” Unironically 🙂

I’m giving Tribel a try as a self-promotion platform similar to how I was using Twitter.

And then there’s Rhetorica — an old-fashioned blog. Blogs are kinda dead, I think. I keep this up for nostalgia. It is one of the oldest, continuously published blogs on the interwebs. Hit the link to for all the old stuff (that I lost awhile back in a server snafu).

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