My (proposed) Documentary Series on Being an Expat

I’ll be in Portugal for a couple of weeks doing some scouting. If all goes as planned, my wife and I will pick a place to live and then begin applying for a visa to live there as legal residents.

I’m planning to tell this personal story as a documentary series of sorts. I say “of sorts” because I suspect this will be eclectic. In other words, I’m starting without a plan 🙂 I have officially promised it will be “cinematic,” which means, in part, I’ll try to put on the dog visually and make artistic and technical excuses when I fall short of whatever that means. You can follow along on Rhetorica and on my Expat Journey to Portugal page on Facebook.

I’ll continue with my “what is a documentary” series when I return in June.

I’m retiring from Missouri State University in December. We’ll arrive in Portugal sometime in early 2023.

Things I’ll continue doing: 1) making nonfiction video of all kinds, 2) publishing this weblog, 3) developing my YouTube channel.

That third one is kind of hilarious. More on that later.

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