Trinity in Post-production Soon

I haven’t mentioned much about Trinity yet — a documentary I began last fall. The main event — a visit to the Trinity site in New Mexico — occurred earlier this month.

I have a few voice-overs to record that, I hope, are happening on Sunday.

Then I’ll begin editing.

Two things I’m doing differently with this one. First, I’m using the cinema flat aspect ratio of 1.85:1 — because I want to. And I’ll be making it black & white — because I want to (also, there’s a thematic reason for this choice). And one other thing: This is my first film to do all the things by myself 🙂

We’re talking short-short here. Probably 5 to 6 minutes.

Jay Manifold, of Kansas City, is one of the subjects of the film.

Rock shop near Socorro, New Mexico.
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