On Film Branding

So yesterday I was walking home from work and thinking about my retirement. That will occur after the spring 2023 semester. While I’m planning to stop working as a professor, I’m not planning to stop working on my documentary filmmaking. So among my thoughts was: How should I brand myself?

Carbon Trace, which started out as my bicycle transportation blog, became a 501(c)(3) film production company (Carbon Trace Productions) with a dual mission of documentary education and humanitarian service. I hope it will live long beyond me. And, further, there are many people involved now. I’m just one guy. So I can’t and shouldn’t just say all of my work is by/for Carbon Trace.

So what to call my newly emerging brand?

Then it hit me.


Yes, dummy, you have this whole thing you started back in March of 2002 following from a thing you started in 1998. Why not let it morph with the times?

So Rhetorica is now about my documentary career in retirement.

Time to get cracking on a cool bumper.


Archive of the Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal (2002-2021) 
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