October 2, 2012

Feeling A Bit Gay?

After reading this item in HuffPo and this news article, I thought it possible that the press was getting scammed (similar to the blonds-going-extinct joke that suckered the press in 2002). But I did a (very) little checking with Google and Whois and discovered Children of Mary may be a real, if a bit obscure, organization. So here’s the video:

Call this the rhetoric of nonsense made possible by the ease of amateur video production and publication. And if you’re just crazy enough, well, you’ll get a bit of attention in the press because novelty is a news value — especially in its online iteration.

I feel no need to point out why this is nonsense.

Oh, and if it turns out to be a joke, then … bravo! :-)

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November 12, 2011

You Could Be Like Us

But that would be bad if China and India tried to be us:

YouTube Direkt

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November 12, 2011

Missed Opportunity

No irony. No big Questions. No tragedy. Why Terra Nova sucks:

The set up to Terra Nova couldn’t be better because it speaks to exactly the problems we are about to face: What happens when the world begins running out of resources, and what happens if we are given a second chance?

The twist is, of course, that the people of 2149 are able to travel back in time to the Cretaceous period — into a world unspoiled by man but crawling with very dangerous beasties. It reminds me of the potential in the New World narratives in which Eurpeans discover the “howling wilderness.” Given a new start, they end up creating much of the same ol’ same ol’ with genocide thrown in.

Terra Nova, then, could explore what it means to get a second chance in terms of what we have or have not learned — especially regarding resource limits and over-population. That’s the promise of it anyway. It delivers something quite different — run-o-the-mill human snits punctuated by an occasional dinosaur feedings.

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