August 10, 2016

Where I’m Coming From

Back in the day, I wrote this:

As I learned early in my journalistic career before becoming an academic, there is no such thing as an objective point of view. And the ideal of fairness is almost as elusive. But I will always attempt to be fair according to standards that I will try to make plain. I will try to reveal my biases when I think they intrude on my critiques.

Yesterday I wrote a scathing and snarky critique of Donald Trump’s latest outrage. I did not publish it, and I will not publish it because I need to change a few things regarding the quote above.

You can use the following to decide if you think Rhetorica is worth your time during the remaining weeks of the 2016 election.

I consider Donald Trump to be a dangerous amateur, and I despair for the Republican Party that it chose this person. His candidacy is so alarming that I am unable to maintain the fiction of academic detachment. He must be stopped.

I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s just another centrist Democrat. I am sick to death of centrist Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

My track record here over the years, and the tools that I have published for your use, may be employed to determine if anything I write here in the next few weeks is worthwhile.

I will try to maintain focus on press coverage, especially regarding the glaring differences between reporting and stenography.

But I may not be able to let another scathing snark-fest go unpublished.

Just so you know.

2 Responses

  1. Brady Midnight 

    ‘Centrist’ translates to, “We have no idea what the woman stands for.” Clinton is the blank slate of Corporate Feminism. Wall-Street-favoring, war-mongering, pro-GMO, fracking and shape-shifting empty vessel. You lack the self-esteem to stand up to someone who will lie to you. If only you and your cohorts would be the only ones to suffer under a Clinton regime. Sure, Trump is a little scary, but he’s the only way to break the neocon stranglehold the 1% has on our country. (And pls spare me the nuclear button scare. Save me from having to remind you that Trump was against the Iraq war.)

  2. acline 

    Wow. You read a lot into that 🙂

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