August 23, 2012

About The Doom Files

The Doom Files is a blog I started a few months ago on because I was feeling grumpy. I have now imported that content to Rhetorica. The blog portion of The Rhetorica Network will now be The Doom Files. Here’s the original “about” column:




1. fate or destiny, especially adverse fate; unavoidable ill fortune: In exile and poverty, he met his doom.
2. ruin; death: to fall to one’s doom.
3. a judgment, decision, or sentence, especially an unfavorable one: The judge pronounced the defendant’s doom.
4. the Last Judgment, at the end of the world.

The problem: We do not learn from our mistakes. We show very little capasity for avoiding mistakes that we know we are about to make. We do not think in the long term. We prefer short-term profit over long-term gain. We treat each other as objects. We allow corporations to be people as we stand in the way of letting real people live their lives. We drive too fast. We eat too much. We burn too much oil. We pollute our only home. We allow nearly half the population on the planet to live on $2 per day or less. We let children go to bed hungry. We grumble about paying for education. We prefer our children to be ignorant rather than challenge our assumptions and ideologies. We believe politicians over scientists in matters of science. We have lost sight of the fact that our tax dollars pay for a civilization. We know freedom is not free, but we have forgotten that it also costs money.

And we think technology will save us.

I’ll also mention good things I come across, especially if it involves individuals or small groups working outside the system to make life better. I don’t want this blog to be a complete downer ;-)


Here’s what I wrote in a blog post earlier today when I announced the change:

I’ll be importing posts from The Doom Files and continuing that work here with commentary on the rhetoric of a people, culture, and country in decline.

Sounds like a real downer, right? Well, that’s where my head is right now, and I’m very excited about it :-)

I will still discuss issues familiar to this blog over the past ten years because, frankly, our dysfunctional politics and dysfunctional news media contribute to our doom. So a few things will remain the same. I will also branch into other areas of concern, but the one constant will be the rhetoric of a culture that refuses to save it itself.

I’ll also be changing the sidebars and other features. The whole process will take a few days.

So, if you need to add a little dark cloud to your day, please drop in often. It’ll be painful.

And so the changes have begun.

I am not a pessimistic person. I see our doom, ultimately, as a good thing because it will require us to change much of that sorry list above. The collapse of an empire or a culture is always painful and ugly. But something wonderful can spring from the ashes. I’m looking forward to it.

UPDATE: The new focus of this blog will also require my updating the blogging policy. Much will stay the same, but the biggest difference will be my acknowledgement that The Doom Files will more overtly favor certain political/social/cultural/economic positions over others.

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