May 18, 2012

Only Doing His Job

No. I’m no birther. But some people in my stare are, and — Heavens to Betsy! — I can’t just ignore them:

According to Bennett, his request for officials in Hawaii to verify the existence of Obama’s birth certificate has gone unanswered for eight weeks. Bennett said he was surprised by the lack of response, but it is worth mentioning that Hawaii hasn’t expressed the greatest fondness in being the primary recipient of incessant birther demands.

In 2010, before the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, the flood of birther activity became so distracting that Gov. Linda Lingle (R) signed a bill allowing state officials to ignore requests for copies of the document.

Bennett even admitted that Hawaiian officials told him they were “tired of all the requests,” but the secretary of state didn’t appear deterred.

Bennett’s move is just the latest birther bustle in Arizona, which has been a hotbed for Obama eligibility conspiracy theories over the past few years. Clamor over a bill meant to address the issue was temporarily silenced last year when Gov. Jan Brewer (R)vetoed the measure, calling it “a bridge too far.”

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