January 9, 2011

Second Amendment Remedies

Violence or the threat of violence or the implication of violence or the iconography of violence has no place in our politics.

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12 Responses

  1. Tim 

    Since you posted regularly about political rhetoric during the “kill Bush” angry-left years, could you link to a previous Rhetorica post expressing such concern?

  2. acline 

    Tim… How is my linking to this NOT expressing such concern? I think my record against hateful rhetoric is clear, including taking an early hard stand on such tame issues as Slate’s Bushisms.

  3. Tim 

    I didn’t ask about your concern for violent political rhetoric represented by this link. I asked for an example of such concern when violent political rhetoric was common and you were motivated to post more frequently.

    If it wasn’t a concern then, why now?

  4. Tim 
  5. acline 

    Tim… Olberman’s commentary is quite clear. He’s lecturing everyone. What prompts his commentary and my linking to it is that people have now died.

    But, yes, I want to be fair. Please post a link to something I should have responded to.

  6. Jason 

    Andy, I see a problem with Olbermann’s statement. He only called out by name those with whom he disagrees politically. He did not call out a single Democrat or liberal by name (other than himself) in the comments.

    A quick search of the internet can find maps from the Democratic party showing bullseyes on districts of Republican Reps. Where was Olbermann to condemn Randi Rhodes on Air America when she played clips of Bush talking with the sound effects of gun shots? Where was Olbermann when the movie “The Death of a President” which depicted the assassination of President Bush came out? During Bush’s administration, I heard ample comments wishing violence on Republicans and conservatives.

    I agree completely with his words about the rhetoric being out of hand but I have a hard time believing that he thinks the blame falls equally. He had ample opportunity to provide examples from both sides of the partisan spectrum other than himself and he chose not to do so. To not acknowledge that both sides brought us to this point is only going to further the divide.

  7. Tim 


    If you followed my tweets today, there are plenty of examples. I’m less interested in “the left does it too” than the lack of interest in the rhetoric of the left and the solid belief by one side that the other side is worse!

    Oh well, I have always considered Olby an opportunistic pundit as bad as any on the right and was just wondering if that was your intent.

    I’m sure Olby will explain how the pot-smoking loner considered “quite liberal” by his friends was motivated by political rhetoric or a map to go on a rampage.

  8. I think the real issue here is polemics for the sake of argument alone. Besides that, the only thing that’s changed is that people removed from violence have become so desensitized to it as a concept they’re comfortable with using it as a part of their language. Few people bat an eye when those implications and icons are used until something like this happens. Sadly, while violence is a working part of the American lexicon, those expressions are rooted in reality. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. I won’t be surprised when we see more political violence in the future.

  9. acline 

    I don’t know if anyone has done an academic study of how the various factions use violent rhetoric. My guess is that “how” would be far more interesting and instructive than “how much.” I’m going to take a look. I’ll report what I find.

    If I find nothing, perhaps it would be a good project to begin now.

    Tim … would you be interested in collaborating on such a project?

  10. Tim 

    I would be interrested. I would need to discuss timing with you first, to align with upcoming events.

  11. Tim … Cool.

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