May 7, 2010

Rhetorica Update

Something I realized lately is just how important Rhetorica has been to my academic research. I’ve used it in part as a way to work things out in public. Every academic essay and book chapter I’ve published since 2002 has begun as an entry on Rhetorica and/or was hashed out here.

For a year now I’ve been a in a bit of a post-tenure slump, and it has shown on Rhetorica.

That’s about the change.

The move to emphasizing media ethics turned out to be a mistake. But I do not intend to go back to press-politics. I will be pushing ahead with something different. I’m in the process right now of figuring out what that will be. This I know: It will still involve my primary discipline of rhetoric and and my secondary disciplines of media and journalism.

I’m signing off until 1 June 2010. I’m taking a blogging break. During that time I’ll be finishing the spring semester, taking a head-clearing, week-long solo bicycle ride on the KATY Trail, and sitting on my front patio reading.

On the day of my return I will post a comprehensive essay on the Rhetorica’s next mission.

Thanks for reading! See you in June.

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  1. jeremiah 

    Have fun