April 29, 2010

Gannett Blog Reacts to “Colored”

Jim Hopkins of Gannett Blog has reacted to the News-Leader’s use of “colored”:

Now, let me say right away that I think papers have gotten too bland in recent years, as publishers worried about losing readers over controversial content. Opinion pages, especially, deserve to be open to many views, and can’t fall victim to the political correctness police.

But I’m not convinced that community member Joe Snider’s “Patriot’s Pen” column in Monday’s print paper got much editing beyond a perfunctory spell-check. And I don’t say that merely because of his casual use of “colored youth” to describe black teenagers in his op-ed about whether white Americans own slave descendants an apology.

Read the full column, and you’ll see some sloppy, slap-dash writing — evidence of an author so amateur, you wonder why he appears on the pages of a serious daily paper.

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