April 23, 2010

Ancient History

Eight years ago today I posted the first entry to Rhetorica.

With the discipline of rhetoric as its foundation, Rhetorica began as an examination of press-politics and morphed into an examination of media ethics. That change represented my changing interests and my academic emphasis on media ethics.

Rhetorica has enjoyed periods of high readership and influence. And, at other times (such as now), it has limped along with a handful of loyal readers while making hardly a dent in the greater conversation.

Through it all I have enjoyed writing this blog, and I will continue to do so. Thank you for reading. And — especially — thank you for participating.

6 Responses

  1. As one of your loyal readers, I am glad you have continued with it. Much that you have said over the years has stuck with me and influenced how I see the news (and newsmakers). Enjoy your 8-year anniversary!

  2. Tim 

    Happy Birthday, Rhetorica!

    I wonder if Rhetorica is ever envious of her younger sibling?

  3. acline 

    V- thanks, man… I’m glad you’re sticking with me.

    Tim… Writing two blogs is a huge pain in the ass, but fun. It’s good that one is mostly local and one is mostly national. Right now CT is getting more attention, but Rhetorica has more cred. So she’s not yet hacked off about the young upstart’s early success 😉

  4. Brian 

    Happy B-day, Rhetorica! Even if blog years are equal to dog years, you’re not washed up yet. Keep the thing going. I enjoy it.

  5. How ’bout that! In 2002 I was 13 years old. I was still interested in video games and you were starting a blog on rhetoric. I shall call you Grandfather and wish to be like you

  6. acline 

    Argumentics… In 2002 I was 45 and interested in video games, starting a blog, and finishing my dissertation 🙂 Thanks for reading!