February 22, 2010

Rhetorica Update

Rhetorica has always had an open-comments policy. No matter what happens in the blogging world, I will always try to ensure that anyone who wishes to comment here can do so with minimum effort.

I require, however, that comenters be civil and on topic. I’ve rarely had any problems along these lines.

Someone recently has been leaving numerous comments that I have decided are intended to be disruptive and annoying. Basically, s/he leaves numerous comments in a row (without waiting for a reply). The comments are, to the best of my ability to determine, utter freaking nonsense. I have marked them as spam as they come in. I have banned the IP addresses. And I’m looking into other minimally invasive measures to thwart this person.

3 Responses

  1. Tim 

    Well done, Andy. I agree with your efforts in maintaining the comments section.

  2. Are you sure it’s a s/he, not an “it”? Some spams can be very freakishly … relevant.

  3. acline 

    Argumentics… I’m not sure. But one curious thing: Never any links or e-mail addresses. My assumption, of course, is that a spammer has at least some intention of embedding a link.