February 18, 2010

What Will You Pay For?

I’ve never had a tip jar nor asked for money to write this blog. My blogging policy states one reason for this. Another reason: No one would pay me to do this.

But there may be some things worth paying for. Mashable reports on a Nielsen survey that showed the following results:

Newspapers and magazines look respectable on this chart until you realize where it ends — at 60 percent. And not even movies and music make it that far.

Students have asked me what the next business model will be for journalism and how journalism can pay for itself online. I have no answer for them, except this: It’s your revolution. You tell me. Go figure it out.

8 Responses

  1. Tim 

    Well, Andy, I’m always happy to pay you a compliment … if that helps 🙂

  2. You could cram an ad or two every once in a while, see how things work out …

    It’s not like you need “someone” to “pay” for this blog. Just be interested in the ad, just like TV: don’t switch the channel.

    I’m not with the whole ad thing, but maybe you will consider this just as an exercise.

  3. Tim… I’ll take it! 🙂

    Argumentics… I don’t do the ad thing for reasons also stated in my policy. I get so many other benefits from this that money really isn’t necessary.

  4. This topic came up in a discussion at the February blogger meet up at Patton Alley Pub.

    Most of those in attendance were enthralled of the idea of making money off their blogs—or at least just paying the expenses.

    I’m with you on this whole ad thing.

    There have been some interesting ads pop up on various blogs. The Longiswrong.com blog (written by a republican) has ads for Robin Carnahan on it when I go there.

  5. Tim 


    Besides the fact that you think, link, and write real good, you are a damn fine educator, conversationalist, and all around great guy! Anybody would consider themselves lucky to call you a friend (I know I do!).

    And since any payment deserves a tip: Don’t stand up in a canoe.

  6. Tim 

    I do wonder about a business model for journalism. Niche journalism like Micheal Yon to global cosmopolitan newspapers

  7. acline 

    Tim… I appreciate your confidence in me. The feeling is mutual.

  8. Alan 

    Hmmm….”Would consider paying for…?” That sounds like a question the responses to which I’d be very cautious to take much stock in. One thing is certain, though. Nielson got paid to conduct the survey. I wonder what the percentages would be if one asked, “Have you ever paid for or would you consider paying for a dumb survey?” ; )