January 28, 2010

What the Apple iPad Means

I don’t know. Wait and see.

But a few journalism types speculated yesterday about what the iPad may mean. I found this interesting:

But isn’t it interesting that Apple Senior Vice President Scott Forstall touted the tactile strengths of the device over its technology? “IPad is the best way to browse the Web for the same reasons that it just feels right to hold a book or a magazine or a newspaper as you read them,” he insisted in a video shown as part of the product launch. “It just feels right — to hold the Internet in your hands as you surf it.”

Does this contraption have the charms necessary to drag an ol’ paper hound such as me away from the feel of print? I gotta tell ya, this thing looks seriously cool.

UPDATE: Here’s another guy who thinks he knows what it means before anyone has actually bought the thing.

6 Responses

  1. Sven 

    In other words, multi-touch allows you to massage the medium.

    Like this this guy, to me this all feels a bit shamwow-y.

  2. Tim 

    OT: “Notably, those who are more clueless about politics hail from the under 30 age bracket — except for the question about Colbert.”

  3. Tim 


    Quite often, younger technical employees–fresh out of school and new to their jobs–don’t find the show all that funny. But after a few weeks of working in a news organization, they begin “laughing just like the rest of us.”

  4. Tim 

    OT3: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?

    OT4: Fox most trusted name in news

  5. acline 

    Tim… Re: Stewart, hmmmmm… “Trust” seems like exactly the wrong way to think about him to me.

    op… WTH?

  6. Tim 

    re: “Trust”

    Not sure if it is exactly the wrong way, but it is curiously “off”: <a href="http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/200907/why-jon-stewart-is-the-most-trusted-man-in-america&quot;

    Research in communication and psychology clearly shows that to be trusted a communicator has to be seen as knowledgeable and credible. Surface characteristics, such as physical attractiveness, being expressive and articulate, also are connected to perceptions of trust. Jon Stewart has the basics – he’s articulate, expressive and appears knowledgeable.

    Jon Stewart, Mocking Both Sides