January 15, 2010

Journalism Breakdown

You’ll hear journalists claim that bloggers are unreliable sources of information. And, yes, many of them are. One needs to judge carefully. That’s why I’ve argued that bloggers and journalists ought to post blogging policies to help readers judge.

The thing is: Journalism is supposed to come “pre-judged,” i.e. we should all know and understand how journalism is constructed (and how it ought to be constructed). This does not mean that journalism always gets it “right” because there are just too many judges to satisfy. What it means instead is that journalism is supposed to be a consistent product that all interested parties know how to judge for their own purposes whether they like the journalism or not.

Constructing a “pre-judged” product in journalism requires the editorial process identified often on Rhetorica as journalists operating as custodians of fact with a discipline of verification.

Here’s what happens when journalism fails to follow the process 🙂

Lance Bennett estimates that 75 percent or more of all news you see, read, and hear originates in a public relations effort.

Until that gets corrected (and the editorial process correctly followed), I’m really not in the mood to listen to “journalists” gripe about bloggers.

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  1. Right on, Andy!