November 4, 2009

See How Smart I Am

Stewart, again, nails it.

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The idea that any media/political pundit knows what this ragtag collection of election results “means” for 2010 and beyond is utterly absurd.

I’m stumped. What is it media/political pundits think they know, and why do they think they know it?

It could be that they don’t think in those terms. The show is over. Time to prep for the next one. The recent past is ancient history — as unfathomable as vague scratchings in the sand.

2 Responses

  1. So, what I’m gathering is that it’s pretty much pointless to extrapolate meaning outside of the facts surrounding who voted for what where….

  2. acline 

    Darin… Exactly. That said, it seems important that we consider the rhetoric of meaning-making, i.e. what are the persuasive intentions of those who would make meaning from these events?