July 29, 2009

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Memo to Howard Dean:

Stop. Just stop.


As you can see, Howard Dean is just completely talentless as a television host. There’s no shame in that.

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There used to be shame in the idea that a politician would be allowed to host a news program — even one based on opinion journalism. Those days are gone.

I don’t watch much news on television. And when I do I usually watch CNN Headline News. The rest of it has become a wasteland of talking heads and punditry.

3 Responses

  1. Steve Sullam 

    I’m probably making ass out of myself getting involved in this discussion, but I really don’t see what is so horrible about what Howard Dean is saying as a host here. I am a admirer of Howard Dean because he goes against the grain and isn’t a “group thinker”. He was the only candidate who effectively articulated strong criticism of the Bush administration’s policies during the 2004 election. He was shunted aside by the Democratic Party establishment because they thought he couldn’t win. I think that he earned a voice in the discussion.

    He seems to be talking about a valid issue in how the Republicans are so quick to start hitting below the belt and question the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency if that works in undermining him especially if Iraq, the economy, and heath care getting worse and activating their base.

  2. Steve Sullam 

    I also don’t see that he so talentless as a host.

  3. acline 

    Steve… I don’t want punditry delivered by a politician sold as journalism. Now, ideologically, I’m cool with Howard. As a journalist, I’m appalled.