March 19, 2009

Paper in Hand

It’s always good to get it in writing. And that paper has arrived. I have achieved tenure and promotion at Missouri State University (pending approval by the Board of Governors). Rhetorica has played an important role in this achievement by offering me a popular outlet for my thinking, a good place to float ideas and mull them over publicly. Thanks to all my readers for helping make this journey interesting, fun, and productive.

Let the merriment begin!

9 Responses

  1. Jason 

    Congratulations Andy!

  2. Sarah Jo 

    Congratulations on tenure, Andy! It was great meeting you Monday night.

  3. Congratulations!


  4. Jackie 


  5. Brian Lewis 


  6. Tim 

    Excellent! Congrats!

  7. Derek 

    That’s great, Andy. Congratulations!

  8. Brian 

    Very nice. Congratulations.

  9. Jon Love 

    Outstanding. Congrats, Andy.

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