January 3, 2008

The Real Fun Begins

The Rhetorica Network evolved from a graduate project I began at UMKC in 1999 called Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2000. That site included an early blog called Timeline, in which I followed press coverage of the campaign. The majority of the site was dedicated to analyzing campaign speech.

Rhetorica has examined press-politics in America for more than five years, at times focusing more on politics than the press. Since taking a job as a professor of journalism at Missouri State University, I’ve concentrated more on the press.

What will I do in 2008? I have no idea. Wait and see. But I can tell you this: The fun begins tonight for me. The presidential election cycle kicks into fourth gear as Iowans begin the caucuses.

That the nominations are probably already decided makes no difference to my interest (and journalism’s lack of understanding of–or refusal to acknowledge–what’s really going on only increases my interest). Presidential campaign politics is one of the greatest shows on earth.

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