November 6, 2007

Feel My Pain

I’ve been asked to write a chapter for a book. My topic is bias in communication. I’ll be discussing media bias as part of my examination.

As long-time readers of Rhetorica know, media/political bias interests me because I think there are structural biases that are more important to any understanding of press behavior. I think the whole media bias thing is largely a political power struggle. That doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (in many forms). 

Well, now it’s time to get to the point–to the pain part the headline promises 🙂 I’ve managed to write this blog and study/think about media bias for more than five years without ever reading either Bernard Goldberg’s book Bias or Eric Alterman’s book What Liberal Media?


Ya see, the thing is, these are not good books. They are bad in different ways to be sure.

I’ll alert you when the ink is dry on the chapter. I hope it will be worth your time. One thing is for sure: I will manage to resist the urge to exaggerate, to polarize, or to call people names. And the writing will be lively and engaging.

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