April 19, 2005

Gimme a ‘C’ gimme an ‘R’…

Back when Armstrong Williams first stomped his way into my consciousness with muddy feet, I suggested his situation wasn’t surprising. And, as I figured, they just keep coming.

This is just delicious:

Rachel Branch, a Sony public-relations official, says one of the things Sony likes about [Corey] Greenberg is his credibility. “Viewers like him because he’s able to communicate about a product without showing bias,” she says. Mr. Greenberg also comes cheaper than some of his competitors, Ms. Branch adds, without elaborating.


Apparently “bias” no longer means a “preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.”

How about this:

Mr. Greenberg defends his local paid work, saying he’s providing valuable news to consumers. He says he wouldn’t do paid work for a product he didn’t believe in. Mr. Greenberg says his business resembles a magazine that collects money from advertisers and then reviews products marketed by the same companies. He says he can maintain a wall between his business and editorial practices. “I am a one-man magazine,” he says.


Questions: Why are we just now learning about Greenberg? After the Williams affair, didn’t every news organization in America put the proper questions to all of their pundits? (Yes, I know that’s a stupid (re: #4) question.)


Hellllooooooo? Knock, knock! Is there anyone at home out there in medialand? Right now–not later today, not tomorrow, not later this week–right now put someone on this task: Call every pundit in your employ and put this question to them: Who pays you, and what do they pay you for?– please disclose everything. Fire anyone who refuses to answer. They are all a dime a dozen.

5 Responses

  1. Won’t happen. Know why?

    Professional journalist is an oxymoron.

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.

  2. acline 

    S- Sadly, yes (re: won’t happen, not oxy).

  3. rgrafton 

    Doc, how do you train young journos to follow the path of righteousness, when there is so much “journo as liar” material out there? Especially when you consider the offenders are the top tier of journalism.

  4. acline 

    R- It isn’t easy 🙁 I am quite open about my disdain for journalism practiced poorly. I use these examples in class, and I let them know in very specific terms how much I loathe ethical and professional lapses. And I tell them I better not hear of them doing anything like _______. In other words, I nag.

  5. BadNews Journalism, Journalists and Motives

    ‘Nuf said.