February 24, 2004

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Today on Radio Rhetorica I’ll be discussing, among other things, the quality of our political discourse as we head toward Super Tuesday. You may listen and watch live online. Just click the “on air” button in the left-hand sidebar. You may call in during the show: 816-584-6326. Or, send e-mail to: radio -at- rhetorica.net.

UPDATE (2:50 p.m.): I may have to change the name of my radio show from Radio Rhetorica to Radio Snafu. Today, I managed to “broadcast” for an hour and a half without the transmitter being turned on. As it turns out, I have to turn it on since my show opens the broadcast day on Tuesdays. In the irony department, long-time Rhetorica reader Rebecca called in. She’s unable to receive the webcast and just wanted to listen in. After a moment of goading from her, Ben and I got into a typical talking-head snit for a few minutes over the issue of gays and marriage. When we finished, I reassured listeners that we weren’t devolving into typical flame-war radio. We have higher ideals. Later, my wife told me that was the most interesting moment of the show.

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