December 22, 2003

: Don’t hurt me!…

One definition of effective campaign rhetoric surely includes this: Whatever works as long as you can get away with it. The getting-away-with-it part is tricky because today’s successful comment can become tomorrow’s albatross (re: “read my lips, no new taxes”). Political rhetoric is always open to reinterpretation.

Was it a mistake for Wesley Clark to say he’d “beat the shit” out of anyone who questions his patriotism?

It seems to me that this off-hand comment is a sound bite for what he told an audience in New Hampshire recently:

“You know, the American flag doesn’t belong to the Republican Party…That’s our flag. We saluted that flag. We served under it. We fought for it. We watched brave men and women buried under it. And no Tom DeLay or John Ashcroft or George W. Bush is going to take this flag away from us.”

It also seems to me that Clark and Dean need to get over this little VP snit. (via Political Wire)

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  1. After pulling up the Google search engine, I used “anti-Bush” as a search word. After clicking on the very first reference, I then clicked on the “Weblogs” hyperlink. Incidentally, nearly 400 are listed, yours among them. After visiting your weblog, I got the impression you’d like reading the text between the starred blocks.

    * * * *
    So, the right wing has succeeded in strong-arming the CBS television network into dumping the proposed REAGANS mini-series onto some subscriber channel. What an impressive display of sheer political might. Here’s the kicker.

    It was also a startling display of sheer political jealousy. A Sunday or so ago, the History Channel did a retrospective on President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, some forty (40) years after his assassination. Because I won’t be around to collect the bet, I must forgo offering this wager.

    Oh, how I would love to bet five doughnuts to anybody’s three! Some sixty (60) years from now, a hundred years after JFK’s assassination, some mass media outlet will do a retrospective on the man and “Camelot”. And the institutions dedicated to his memory will be flourishing. By then, former President Ronald (a/k/a “The Great Communicator”) Reagan will have been relegated to history’s curio shoppe. Chances are, the curators of the Reagan Library will have to made ends meet by adding on a bed-and-breakfast section … maybe, a massage parlour, even.

    Aaay, let’s face it. Compared against the swan that was Jackie-O, Nancy comes across like a guano-spattered shrike. That alone is enough to drive the right-wing up the wall. * * * *

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