September 27, 2003

Rhetorica update…

I’ve added a transcript of the recent debate to Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2004. I’m plan to finish my analyses of the Clark and Edwards announcement speeches this weekend.

In other important news, you may have noticed that I changed the color scheme of Rhetorica. I’d discovered that many computer monitors rendered the intended teal color as more of a forest green, which made reading the navy blue/purple links difficult. Plus, the whole teal thing is so ten years ago.

Early warning: Next week’s guest on Radio Rhetorica will be fellow Kansas City blogger Jay Manifold, author of A Voyage to Arcturus. If you read Jay’s blog, and you should, you know we will have an interesting conversation–especially concerning the strange ways science, math, and technology intersect with journalism and politics. To listen live on the web, just click the “on air” button on the left sidebar and then follow the appropriate links.

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