September 3, 2003

Carnival of the Vanities #50…

The clock is ticking brothers and sisters, counting down to…

Sinister Dwarfs

From: A Voyage to Arcturus
Jay Manifold discusses the dynamics of complex networks.

From: Dean’s World
Dean Esmay considers
the various qualities of apology and forgiveness.

From: IMAO
Frank J. goes looking for what Glenn Reynolds wrote about before 9/11.

From: Neoflux
Bret Schlyer has a good idea to avoid more lemonade scandals.

From: Dissecting Leftism
John Ray reports some survey evidence that shows that liberals do not REALLY believe in the innate goodness of humankind.

From: Methuselah’s Daughter
This post contains sex, mystery, starvation, murder and cannibalism. "Rather neatly sums up my early years."

From: Attaboy
Joe Dougherty questions who’s really stupid: the geek kid who released the Blaster virus or the idiot system admins who failed to patch their systems in the first place.

From: MadKane
A one and a two…everyone sing the
The Blackout Song.

From: The Smallest Minority
Kevin Baker considers the sociology of journalism and its role in media bias.

"Never again will I try to defend something, or try to overlook something, that is just plain damned wrong."

From: uncategorical
Yo…run a mile. Time yourself. Do it NOW!

Troubled Young Men

From: Dodgeblogium
Andrew Ian Dodge says annoying wankers and boring noise spell the end of raves.

From: physicsgeek
Matthew Bryson investigates the Evil One’s new cable TV venture (yes…Glenn Reynolds).

From: Stephen Silver
Steve comments on flash mobs and Howard Dean: Is there a difference?

From: Curiosity
Elliot Temple displays his
rock-solid logic and wonders about the sexual side effects.

From: Bad Money
A filthy (yet amusing) lie about how Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) spends his spare time.

From: Matt Margolis
The Real Dangerous Extremists: Liberals, Leftists, and Democrats

Here’s why Hillary Clinton won’t run for President in 2004.

From: Snooze Button Dreams
Propensity for evil is inversely proportional to height.

 From: Tales From A Yeti Suit
Sounds like the Yeti wandered into something a bit dirty and emerges with a new found respect for working women.

From: Four Right Wing Wackos
Tim links to an essay "regarding how self-proclaimed environmentalists have done untold damage to our forests."

From: Signal + Noise
Chris Genovese’s holiday nostalgia takes him from children’s hospitals to
children’s television.

Blind Mentalists

From: fresh potatoes
$60 million will be spent on political ads in California. So where are they?

From: Hypocrisy and Hypotheses
Alex Dunn recalls a practical joke with political and social overtones.

From: CandyUniverse
Candy claims: Evil Glenn drives with his left turn signal on ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!!!!!

From: unfknblvbl
Scarlet wonders if government museums should now remove religious art.

From: PoliBlog
Analysis of Generals in politics, specifically in this case Powell’s chances in 1996 and 2000 in contrast to Clark in 2004.

Could current reform movements turn consumers into slaves?

From: The Skeptician
Rip Rowan says the French have found new ways to offend.

From: Useful Fools
John Moore lists many good reasons why Californians shouldn’t move to Arizona.

From: The Eleven Day Empire
James DiBenedetto wrestles with the political questions involving Bill Janklow’s reckless and deadly driving.

From: A Small Victory
"When you are standing there,
looking down into a pit that used to be the foundation for two enormous buildings, and the last time you stood in that spot those buildings were still there, still alive with people, it’s just hard to comprehend."

From: Grouchy Old Cripple
Babs sends love to Gray.

Sideshow Freaks

From: Practical Penumbra
Susie reveals the truth about Instapundit.

From: Right We Are!
Maripat, after 15 years of experience (congratulations!), offers some good advice about marriage.

From: BCVoice
A. Alexander Stella offers a modest proposal for a survey to measure the likelihood of Bush’s re-election.

From: Little Miss Attilia
Make my day: The Little Miss has a close encounter with Clint.

From: Wicked Thoughts
Wicked Thoughts reports that the
last great cavalry charge in history was by Italian troops–and they won the battle!

Al Maviva finds the Democratic candidate field somewhat wanting.

From: Ravenwood’s Universe
Seems there’s this guy who’s upset that all us bloggers are giving it away.

From: DaGoddess
Neener neener on PETA…don’t they know ANYTHING about animals?

From: Trish Wilson’s Blog
Welfare Reform Marriage Initiatives Are Not About Helping The Poor

From: Solonor’s Ink Well
Stupid bloody shirts for stupid bloody people.

Will Do Anything
for Attention

From: Priorities & Frivolities
Robert Tagorda interviews Georgy Russell, the recall candidate famous for her official campaign thong.

From: The Everlasting Phelps
Phelps has uncovered a hobo smiting cabal–one of its sinister vampire members: Glenn Reynolds.

From: See the Donkey
Bob has uncovered the awful truth about "sweat blogs."

From: Cyber :: Ecology
Serona, everyone’s favorite right leaning vegetarian, considers the problems of fish farming.

From: Goobage
Aunty Goob has a few thoughts on education (how much time you got?).

From: Jack Bog’s Blog
What were they thinking? Jack thinks he knows!

From: Tiger: Raggin’ & Rantin’
Gubernatorial candidate treats self for glaucoma.

From: Quibbles ‘n Bits
J. Fielek considers one brave frog and her conversation with God.

Tim Hall has a few thoughts about who belongs in the rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

From: Gut Rumbles
Acidman educates Lionel Mandrake on the finer points of fixin’s.

From: angelweave
Where’s the real Richard? Perhaps Insty knows.

From: The People’s Republic of Seabrook
"Not that
Schwarzenegger’s actions
were the kind of thing you’d expect from a role
model, but can we lose the self-righteous indignation here, Ms. Allred"?

Have Words to Thank
for Their Positions

From: Norwegian Blogger
Vegard Valberg explains why Europe is not doomed…in
two parts!

From: Fringe
Jeremiah Lewis gets Nigerian scam  spam from Saddam Hussein.

From: Norbizness
Norbizness says: I can’t believe I got his hands on an actual GW in 2004 fundraising letter. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

From: Sharp Blue
Rich Baker says: Our century is the fulcrum on which turns the destiny of aeons, and the leverage we apply here will determine how things work out for the whole universe.

From: Water
Andres Gentry considers China’s possible evolution to democracy (through
Francis Fukuyama lenses).

From: PC Watch
PC Watch reports the case of a prisoner who got paid $100,000 by the government for falling out of bed!

From: Musings
Brian J. Noggle considers cascading system failure in paperless banking.

From: Peaktalk
Pieter Dorsman deconstructs blowing for Columbine.

From: Discriminations
John Rosenberg points out the inconsistency between the NAACP’s attempt to block student assessment tests in Florida and its opposition to the racial privacy initiative in California.

From: Ham Fisted Theatrics
Another day in Phoenix…no gas.

Better Late Than Never

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  33. There are science projects, and then there are SCIENCE Projects. Here’s a guy who is blogging his on-going experiments in building a railgun. Do you want a 300 mph rail gun? Of course you do! Straight out of your video games!

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    If you’re looking for other cool blogs, check out the 50th Carnival of the Vanities. My pick: Steven Silver didn’t think much of the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. (Can something jump the shark if it was always crappy?)…